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humanitarian and compassionate

About Humanitarian and Compassionate

Canada has provided shelter for refugees seeking protection and there are two types of refugees, the convention refugees and the people in need of protection. The decision is made by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and the applicants are assigned to one of the categories.

A convention refugee is one that is ousted from their country and is not able to return to their country of citizenship or residence. The convention refugees are of two types.

  • Convention Refugee Abroad Class: The claimant is outside their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution based upon Race, Religion, Nationality, Membership of a particular social group, or Political Opinion. These factors force the claimant to seek shelter outside the country of residence. The convention Refugees in this category are sponsored by:
    • the Government of Canada (government-assisted refugees),
    • a group of people or an organization (privately sponsored refugees), or
    • a mix of both (blended visa office-referred refugees).
    • Asylum Class: The claimant is outside his or her home country or the country where he or she normally lives and has been seriously affected by civil war or armed conflict or has been denied basic human rights on an ongoing basis. The country of asylum class refugees can be privately sponsored.

    The second type of refugee is a person in need of protection who resides inside Canada and is not able to return to his or her country of citizenship because of the danger of torture or risk to his or her life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

    Canada has an effective refugee program that is well-aimed at providing protection to those who need that protection. There are requirements to meet to establish a legitimate refugee and find and then providing them shelter in Canada. Doorstep Immigration is here to help you at every step of the process in achieving your immigration goals. Contact us today to start the process to meet your immigration needs in a cost-effective way!

    Humanitarian and Compassionate

    There are some cases in which the applicant is not eligible for the Permanent Residency because of a criminal past or medical inadmissibility. Such cases can apply under the Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds and if the circumstances of the case are unique, some exceptions can be made.

    The H&C applications are based on economic, cultural or family establishment in Canada which is significant in nature such as a history of stable employment, filing regular Income Tax returns, paying Taxes regularly, investments made in Canada, future financial commitments and management, integrated into the community through community organizations, volunteer or other activities.

    The applicant must also demonstrate that they would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardships if they are to leave Canada. The hardships that the applicant would face if the application is refused include quality and amount of family support or dependency in Canada as well as in the home country, best interests of the child when examining and deciding the circumstances of the applicant. The best interest of the child involved must be strongly argued under H&C applications

    Permanent residency applications on H&C grounds are approved only in exceptional circumstances where assessment is made on the information provided by the applicant and a decision will be made based on the personal circumstances of each individual. It takes several months to process the H&C applications.