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detention appeals & hearings

About Detention, Appeals & Hearings

There are many immigration cases that require immediate attention. The applicant could be in detainment at the border or in urgent need of appeal against the decision of the Immigration or CSBA officers or at different divisions of Immigration Refugee Board. If there are grounds for a Judicial Review, the lawyer of the applicant can take the matter to Federal Court but that happens only after a decision has been made that is either an error in law, an error in fact, or both.

The courts cannot substitute or impose a decision. The courts will determine whether there are grounds for the Immigration officers to re-examine the case of the applicant and take all the facts into account. These cases are important and usually get quite a lot of media attention. Every case is unique and the best way is to get ahead of your case is to contact your immigration consultant directly and they will give you the best directions as to the proceedings in your case.

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